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Facebook Page Gallery

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This plugin allows a person to display the gallery that you have hosted on any public community Page on Facebook in your page. This allows one to have a community Facebook page that people can update and upload new images into and your website will automatically have these images available without any added action from you.

A example of this can be seen here

How to setup

Go the Admin area via 

Plugin -> Facebook Page Gallery -> Facebook Gallery Admin

There is a whole instruction block at the top that explains that you first have to create a App on Facebook for yourself to get a Facebook Application ID and Secret code. After this all you need is any public page ID (Information in the information block on how to get that). You can then just click save and you are done. Now just create a Special Page for the Facebook Gallery (Look for available pages) and you are in business.


Note : If you experience that nothing gets displayed then make sure your Facebook page is published, otherwise it is not really available to the public yet. 

If you experience that the first image (the gallery front page) shows no images, but if you enter it then the images show, then changes are big your are behind a firewall that is blocking Facebook pages, We can bypass Facebook for the gallery entries but not the front page image.