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Forum Integrator

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This was developed to allow a forum to be installed and used inside gpEasy without to much fancy tricks and to avoid iFrames in the html. 


How to setup.

FluxBB must be installed, you can download it from (We developed this with version 1.4.8)

It is best to install it in the root of your website under a directory for example fluxbb

Then  we need to add a global to config.php to tell FluxBB where gpEasy is installed.

We do this by adding a global variable called $gpeasy_path to the config.php file.

We then add the full path to the special page for the forum on you server. In the example below you can see the path is

here is your domain name,

gpEasy_CMS/index.php/Special_Forum_Integrator will be the path to the Special Page for the forum (you get this if you open the page as normal in gpEasy).

Then the ?cmd= must be added to the back always. See below for example



Now we must update a function in the functions.php file (found at : <directory where fluxbb is installed>/include/functions.php).
When you have this file open search for redirect( you will then find function redirect($destination_url, $message). 
We need to update the first line that has the follow : global $db.... to reflect 
global $db, $pun_config, $lang_common, $pun_user,$gpeasy_path; //gpeasy CMS intigration
and then ADD just below it the following
$destination_url = $gpeasy_path.$destination_url; //gpeasy CMS intigration
then save and you are done. You can see a sample below.
Now you can just configure the paths in the Admin part of the plugin and setup a menu item to point to the forum.
Here you have 3 variables you need to setup.
The first one is the Flux URL. This will be the url you would use to go to the fluxbb system directly normally.
The second is the Flux Relative Path. This is the path to the Fluxbb system FROM where gpEasy is installed. In this case it is one level deeper thus we have made it ./fluxbb/
Last is the gpEasy  Special URL. This is the URL that is used inside gpEasy to display the forum. You can get this if you go to Plugins -> Forum Integrator -> Special Forum Integrator (Or the name you have given it if changed)
After this you save and the forum is suppose to display without any problems.