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Media Player Advance

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This is a flexible media player plugin that is meant to allow the insertion of a media player (video or mp3) anywhere in the page contents as you create it, no special pages or extra sections are required. Note currently only supports mp3 files.


How to use

The power of media player advance is that it allows one to add tags to the content of your page to indicate where you want the media player to be added. This gives one the power to design a integrated page without extra sections or pages for media files.

The tag is build up as follows

(% = Start of tag

%) = End of tag

mp3: = Plugin identification

<filename> = name of file that is to be played , found in the media folder in the servers upload folder.


the whole tag will look as follows.

(% mp3:<filename> %)

Below is a example of how the tag is added to content

And after saving the content , this is how the player is enabled inside your content for your viewers.


How to configure.


The configuration screen can be found under Plugins -> Media Player Advance ->Media Player Advance Admin


Here a explanation is given on how to use the plugin and also here you can configure some settings regarding to media player plugins and also select the player you want to use.


To select the player you want to use go to Player to Use selection box and select your prefered player, you will also be given a preview image of how the player looks like.

For example : The default player for gpEasy


or Dr Player that can also play playlists.