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Simple Gallery Extended

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The Simple gallery Extended plugin is meant to allow the normal built in gallery of gpEasy to be enhanced with alternative gallery viewers without any change in the management or setup of the galleries. 


Currently the following two gallery systems is supported (more to come)



How to configure

Go to the configuration (Admin) screen via

Plugins ->Simple Gallery Extended -> Simple Gallery Extended Admin

You will see the config screen as below.

The first option you can set is the Viewer you want to use. The one you select here will be the one used for all galleries displayed on your webpage.

The Height and Width is seen as common values that can be shared by all config of the viewers and for this reason is added at the top, if this gets used will depend on the viewer and how it works.


From there you can configure each viewer seperatly, a link to the viewers documentation is also provided.


Note just save and test. as simple as that.