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Incredimail to EML

This is a simple util that converts  Incredimail  e-mails into EML versions. Incredimail uses SQLite3 for its database to control and know where each file is. The .IMM files are just one big file full of EML messages inside it and attachments extracted if external attachments. The database holds the positions in the big file for each message. This program basically extracts each message on its own and attach the attachments (convert to base64) to each message to make it a valid whole message again.


 The program is very simple. First you need to set the path to there the Incredimal Message Store directory is. This is normally in the following path

c:\Documents and Settings\(current user)\Local Settings\Application Data\IM\Identities\(a identity number)\Message Store\

Secondly you setup where you want the EML files to be exported to. Note that each mailbox will represent a sub directory inside the target path.

Now all you need to do is press Convert. The program will start converting the files and if any errors are ran into while doing the convertion the program will show them in the text box at the bottom called Errors and continue, this means the program wont just stop on error e-mails and it will tell you what e-mails it had problems converting but it will try and run till the end of the process.


the program normally uses up to 42 mb of memory on about 26 000 e-mails.

If the program was handy and helped you out, please help us out and click on the Donate button and give us a small donation for the time and effort.


Source code at : Github

Incredimail to EML (807Kb) - Program only

Note the program uses SQLite3 for the database part, basically you need sqlite3.dll to run this (normally Incredimail would place this in the system32 I think).

Otherwise you can download it at the following link

and place it inside the program directory.

Fabrice Belmessieri send us some helpfull information regarding the EML converter.

Just a few things that could be helpful for the users:
- you have to make shure that the names of your e-mail sub-directories in Incredimail have NO special characters, like "ç", "ï", even "è" or "é"...
If Yes, the user should rename the directories before lunching "Incredimail to EML".
- you need to have an Outbox.imm file and a Deleted Items.imm file inside the "Message Store" directory (even if there is no message in the trash and in the outbox folder of Incredimail). If these files don't exist, the "Inc to EML" processing will stop before having converted the whole imm datas.
In this case, the user should locate and rename the Outbox.imh and Deleted items.imh files into "*.imm" files. Or maybe copy and paste some Outbox.imm and Deleted items.imm files from another incredimail identity profile.

I hope these advices will be useful.
Happy New Year !

Thanks for the help on this. hopefully it can help others out there.