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  • Proof of payment for Hosting and other Services

    October 21, 2014 by Admin User
  • Good day.

    We want to request that all payments made to us regarding hosting or any other services must please contain the description of the website or company name. Using the invoice number will also help us.

    We are experiencing alot of payments that has no description and we dont receive mail from the clients also to say they made this payment, leaving us with money that cannot be linked to any accounts. If you can please review payments made to us in the past and maybe send us the proof via e-mail if there is no descriptive description.

    This is mostly applicable to payments deposited directly at the banks as they only come over as MAGTAPE entries with no real reference. But some internert payments are also received with just the description hosting for example. If you can please send us proof of payments if you think we might have missed one of your payments please and we will look into it to get it linked to your account.

    We will greatly appreciate this.

    Thanks in Advance
    Dominion IT Accounts

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